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Virtual Reality Escapes | Chester | 01244 373 721 /  |12b Upper North Gate Street, CH1 4EE










Please check out our shop for Xmas presents. We have vouchers that you can redeem in our shop for VR experiences and headsets for sale!

Where We Are

Use our contact form to find our location and to get in touch.

Our Equipment 

Check out the tech behind our escapes and have a look through our FAQs.

Party Bookings

Kids parties, corporate bookings and staff parties can be booked here.

15 Minute VR Escape
  • Choose from our selection of titles to experience your 15 minute VR Escape
  • FROM £10
    Per Person, Per Session
30 Minute VR Escape
  • Choose from our selection of titles to experience your 30 minute VR Escape
  • FROM £15
    Per Person, Per Session
1 Hour VR Escape
  • Choose from our selection of titles to experience your 1 hour VR Escape
  • FROM £22
    Per Person, Per Session

Book Now


Our simple booking system means it couldn't be easier to book your experience with us for up to six people using Paypal, a fast and secure payment system. If you would like to book and pay cash or card on your visit, you can contact us via email or phone and our friendly staff will happily help to facilitate that for you. Our Steampunk inspired surroundings can hold up to 24 people, with 6 people gaming at any one time so if you have a large party booking you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You may also play different games in your alloted time.

Island 359

Virtual Reality Chester Island 359

Age 13+ 

Billed as one of the most immersive games, Island 359 takes you on an adventure of a lifetime!



Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja VR game plays


Bringing the swiping, slashing fruit fun into the virtual reality world. Test your ninja reflexes!


Arizona Sunshine

Virtual Reality Experiences - Arizona SunshineAge 18+

Immerse yourself in Arizona Sunshine and fight zombies in this FPS in a beautiful yet apocolyptic world.



The Lab VR

Virtual Reality Escapes - The Lab


The Lab is a fun collection of mini-games, with a mix of outhere machinery and comedic value.


Space Pirate Trainer

Virtual Reality Escapes - Space Pirate Trainer

Ages 12+

Space Pirate Trainer is a fantastic and physically demanding
 blaster game for wannabe 




TheBlu Virtual Reality experiences in Chester


Engage in one of the most beautiful and realistic virtual reality worlds, exploring the deep unknown.



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Book Your Virtual Reality Escape At Our Chester Shop 

Based in the centre of Chester near the stunning Chester Cathedral and only a stones throw away from the popular shops, pubs and restaurants means we are an ideal starting place for a night out, group party or childrens party (or to sneak in and have a play whilst the family explores the sites or goes shopping!)

We are open: 

Mon - 10am - 9pm
Tue  - 10am - 9pm
Wed - 10am - 9pm
Thu  - 10am - 9pm
Fri    - 10am - 9pm
Sat   - 10am - 9pm

Sun - 10 am - 7pm

Step into a world where Steampunk meets the latest in gaming, virtual reality. Using a network of six HTC Vive headsets our users can interact and enjoy entering an exciting new virtual world individually or together as a group. We cater for all different types of users; be it single person sessions, corporate groups and virtual reality parties or events. 

With a great selection of virtual reality gaming titles to suit all ages such as the stunning TheBlu (suitable for all ages) where you can experience deep sea diving without even getting your feet wet or the intense action of the maginificent FPS Arizona Sunshine (18+ only). 

We look forward to welcoming you into Virtual Reality Escapes.


Our super easy game selection menu lets you change between as many games as you want!

When you put one of our headsets on you will be transported into the Virtual World! Here you will see over 50 different games for you to choose from!

Hover your Virtual hand over the games to see a short video of them in action, or click on them to read a description of the game.

Maybe start off with a bit of Fruit Ninja or TheBlu, then when your comfortable on the headset try something a bit more technical like Space Pirates or Google Earth!

With having so many games and experiences for you to chop and change between your sure to find tons of things that you enjoy!