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Virtual Reality Escapes Win Best Attraction | Darwin Escapes

Virtual Reality Escapes Recommended by Darwin Escapes

The UK’s 3rd largest holiday park operator has named Virtual Reality Escapes one of the best visitor attractions in the North West area in its latest poll.

Darwin Escapes owns four holiday parks in the North West region including the family friendly Talacre Beach Holiday Home Park as well as New Pines Holiday Home Park, both of which are within easy driving range of Chester and offer both holidays and holiday home ownership options.

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The operator commented that the family friendly nature of these two 5 star resorts means that they regularly draw families with young children, teenagers and young adults who are sure to find something which appeals to them at our newly opened attraction.

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We offer our customers the chance to experience an extensive range of gaming titles and experience a true Virtual Reality Experience unlike anything you are likely to have experienced before.

One which is sure to appeal to Zombie and shooter game fans is the terrifying Arizona Sunshine where a range of intimidating zombie’s will appear before your very eyes and is sure to get your heart rate racing. Utilise your farm arms to defend yourself as you strive to survive the various onslaughts which you are sure to face.

If you are looking for something a little more sedate, then we do offer immersive experience with TheBlu, a game where you can swim through the ocean and get up close and personal with the various fascinating creatures which inhabit these hard to visit locations. Directed by Call of Duty’s Jake Rowell, this game includes a ultra-close encounter with a gigantic 80 foot whale and is sure to appeal to kids and adults alike!

Younger customers meanwhile are sure to enjoy the Fruit Ninja quick fire, fruit slashing game which can be enjoyed by customers of various ages and gaming skill levels. A fun and engaging experience and one for the more competitive types who love a good high score battle.


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