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About Our VR Equipment | Virtual Reality Escapes | Gaming UK

At Virtual Reality Escapes, our VR equipment is the latest technology to give you the best experience whilst gaming with us.

The headset is designed to utilize “room scale” technology to turn a room into 3D space via sensors, with the virtual world allowing the user to navigate naturally, with the ability to walk around and use motion tracked handheld controllers to vividly manipulate objects, interact with precision, communicate and experience immersive environments.


The Vive has a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The device uses two screens, one per eye, each having a display resolution of 1080×1200. The device uses more than 70 sensors including a MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) gyroscope, accelerometer and laser position sensors, and operates in a 15-by-15-foot (4.6 by 4.6 m) tracking space if used with both “Lighthouse” base stations that track the user’s movement with sub-millimeter precision.

There’s also a front-facing camera, which means the real world can be overlaid onto the virtual. In terms of gaming this opens up new possibilities for augmented experiences, but critically it will also help users move around their real-world environments without removing the headset.