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Christmas is coming - | VRE Chester


Christmas is coming

Have you finished shopping?

We hope not, because we have many available gifts available in our shop!

We have Half hour Vouchers, One hour Vouchers, Virtual Reality Headsets to buy and even Christmas Bundles!

Christmas can be stressful for everyone, what to get the kids, what to get the Siblings, what to get the parents and even Grandma and Grandpa.

But look no further, you can purchase all gifts for the family here at

What are we offering?

We have something for everyone here, Fruit Ninja, Space Pirates, Google Earth, pick your favourite in store!

Our Headsets can be taken anywhere, on long journeys, flights or just at home on those rainy days, all you need is your phone and sense of wonder.

For the avid Virtual Reality patron our Oculus Go headsets are the perfect companion! Take them anywhere and have a truly immersive VR experience on Christmas day


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