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Fantastic value Virtual Reality Parties.

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Virtual reality escapes kids parties

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Our party package cost £100 per hour on weekdays and £125 per hour on weekends.

This gets you access to all 6 of the virtual reality stations we have in our shop as well the two seating areas.

With a large group of 8+ we split the party into 2 groups and then do a 15-20 minute rotation for each group on the headsets. This will then leave one or two headsets spare that we can use for group experiences for the people not using the headsets at that time.

For groups up to 7 people we would recommend a 1 hour birthday booking. For groups for 7 – 10 people we would recommend one and half hours. For groups of 10-15 then 2 hours would be a good amount to guarantee each person 40 minutes each on a headset.

This works really well and ensures that the party can have some fun together and also spend some time individually enjoying using the VR headsets.

The virtual reality games that we would recommend for birthday party groups are:

Space Pirate Trainer (age 12+) – Jump inside an arcade game and fight off relentless waves of droids with all the weapons and gadgets a Space Pirate would ever need.

The Lab (all ages) – Defend your castle from a horde of stick men with a bow and arrow in this beautiful animated archery game.

Fruit Ninja (all ages) – Prove your Ninja skills by slicing as much fruit as possible in the fantastic VR version of the much loved iPhone game.

Island 359 (age 13+) – Journey into a real life Jurassic park as you try to survive and explore a jungle Island inhabited by dinosaurs.

We offer the option to run the event as a competition with a leader board and prizes for the winners.

We can also include catering options for your party should you require it. Please contact us to arrange this for you.
Please contact us on 01244 373721 or email us to book your kids virtual reality party into an invaluable journey into the future of digital technology.

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Please let us know what type of event we are catering for, a corporate booking, birthday or large group booking.
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