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Virtual Reality Escapes | Kids Party Packages | Chester Children's Parties

Looking for a great alternative for you next child’s party? Look no further!

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We are Virtual Reality Escapes, Chester, Chester’s first Virtual Reality Experience centre.

We offer people the opportunity to experience the world’s best virtual reality equipment, the HTC Vive.

Swim with whales under the sea, climb the Rocky Mountains for amazing viewpoints and breath-taking scenery and fly into space to help Han Solo defeat the storm troopers on the latest Star Wars production.

We’re open from 10am – 10pm 7 days a week and can accommodate groups of up to 18 people with our 6 Vive headsets.

For kids party packages, we offer the opportunity to book our entire centre exclusively from £15 per person (minimum of 6).

In order to guarantee each person has 30 minutes time on one of our 6 HTC vive headset stations we would advise that groups of 1-12 book at least an hour of time at the centre. A group of more than 12 should look to book at least an hour and half of time.

We have a number of fantastic games that are ideal for people to take turns on. All of our stations are also fitted with screens meaning people can watch the action even whilst not wearing the headset.

The virtual reality games that we would recommend for birthday party groups are:

Space Pirate Trainer (age 12+) – Jump inside an arcade game and fight off relentless waves of droids with all the weapons and gadgets a Space Pirate would ever need.

The Lab (all ages) – Defend your castle from a horde of stick men with a bow and arrow in this beautiful animated archery game.

Fruit Ninja (all ages) – Prove your Ninja skills by slicing as much fruit as possible in the fantastic VR version of the much loved iPhone game.

Island 359 (age 13+) – Journey into a real life Jurassic park as you try to survive and explore a jungle Island inhabited by dinosaurs.

We offer the option to run the event as a competition with a leader board and prizes for the winners.

We can also include catering options for your party should you require it. Please contact us to arrange this for you.
Please contact us on 01244 373721 or email us to book your kids virtual reality party into an invaluable journey into the future of digital technology.

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