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Arizona Sunshine 

Arizona Sunshine is a zombie based shooter with a difference. Whilst most zombie based VR games just have your enemy appear in front of you to shoot, these zombies are thirsty for your blood and will jump and claw towards your face. The sleepy towns which you will venture through tend to set a feeling of peace, until the hordes descend which will set your heart rate racing.

The controllers are used to manipulate virtual firearms in Arizona Sunshine as well as to interact with the player’s inventory and the environment. The player can carry a firearm in each hand, as well as two more in holstered positions, one on either side of the hips. The game supports room scale tracking.

The game includes a campaign in which the player explores environments and finds the tools needed to advance, and a horde mode in which players are confined to a small camp and try to survive against increasingly difficult waves of zombie attacks. Both the campaign and the horde mode can be played in single-player and multiplayer modes.

During the campaign the player constantly encounters small groups of zombies which are relatively easy to dispatch. But certain player actions, like picking up certain objects needed to advance the story, trigger a large zombie horde from which the player has to defend themselves by using their weapons and surroundings.


Your unnamed player character awakes in a cave in an Arizona river valley. While exploring your surroundings and killing zombies you encounter, you find a radio, turn it on and hear, among much static, something which sounds like a human voice.

Searching for the source of the signal, your player encounters another radio with a stronger signal and comes to the conclusion that it is sent from a refinery which has been reinforced by the military. But when you reach the refinery, you find that it has been overrun by zombies…… You will continue the next morning, aimless and desperate. But after finding another radio, you notice that the signal is still there and is being sent from a town called Sunshine, Arizona. That is where your quest will truly begin.

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