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Virtual Bar Mitzvah Event! - | VRE Chester


Virtual Bar Mitzvah Event!

Above: Concorde Hangar in Manchester

Greetings Virtual Patrons!

Recently at Virtual Reality Escapes we took some of our equipment to an Event out in Manchester. The event was a Bar Mitzvah in the concorde centre in Manchester and the whole thing was insane! There were projectors with the young mans name everywhere, a open cocktail bar, a world famous magician and a dance troop dressed in LED lights hurling fire and jumping all over the place. It was incredible to say the least.

With our two headsets and staff members we were offering Fruit Ninja on one headset and Space Pirate Trainer on the other and everyone really got into it, kids and adults were both competing against each other and really getting into it. Smiles were had all-round!

The Cocktail place even gave us free Slushies, which was really cool of them, really helped us out.

Below is a picture of the Hangar we were working in, we’re looking forward to our next event with Virtual Reality Escapes!

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