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Virtual Birthday Parties! - | VRE Chester


Virtual Birthday Parties!

Virtual Birthday Parties

Have you exhausted all of your options when it comes to birthday parties?

Have you bowled every pin, watched every film and kicked all the footballs around until your feet are sore and all you need is a nap?

Well something new has just hit Chester and it’s the perfect place for a birthday party!

We are Virtual Reality Escapes and we are a Virtual Arcade based in the heart of Chester, if you’ve ever wanted to be in a Zombie apocalypse or fly around the globe now is the time to do it. With 6 top of the range virtual reality helmets and over 30 different experiences to choose from we guarantee that everyone will have something to play!

Let’s talk about some of our games, Fruit Ninja is one of our most popular games, wielding two samurai swords with all the fruit you can slice grants the user a free pass to swing their arms wildly and make as much mess as they can (with none of the mess)

Space Pirate Trainer is a bombastic shoot em’ up with Robots, you must defend your spaceship from waves and waves of small robots, with your two laser pistols and your shield you must try your best to survive until the end of each round!

The Lab is a great platform for unleashing your wild side with 6 different games all packed into one virtual laboratory, with your small robot dog sidekick you can destroy an entire IKEA’s worth of storage with a catapult, defend a castle from an army of stickmen or try to repair a broken robot to the best of your abilities!

Let’s talk details

On weekdays we offer an hour hire of our entire shop for £100. This give you access to all 6 HTC Vive headsets as well as the seating areas.

For weekends an hour hire is £125.

We don’t charge extra should you want to bring a larger group than 6 people. You can comfortably have up to 10 people in an hour booking however the larger the group the less time each person has using the headsets.

Our group prices are discounted from what our headsets usually cost (£20 per headset per hour in the week and £25 at weekends).

If you’d like food organising for the event then we get a 50% discount with Papa Johns and can organise some pizza for you. We’ve got two seating areas that the group can use to eat pizza and relax.

You can E-mail any questions you have to or you can give us a ring on 01244 373721.

Hope to see you in the virtual world soon!

-Virtual Reality Escapes Team


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